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Aquaponic systems

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                       Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® from Nelson and Pade, Inc.® are complete aquaponic system packages that include all tanks, tank stands, plumbing part, pumps, aeration, fittings and filter components. Each system comes with detailed assembly and operation manuals.  The proven design uses scientifically developed ratios, formulas and design criteria to maximize production of fish and vegetables in a given space.

Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® are available for all applications, from hobby and home food production to small and large commercial.

See the complete line of Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®

You can request an order form for any of our systems.  Our two smallest systems, the F5 and the Home Garden, can be purchased online by clicking the link below.

F5 - Fantastically Fun Fresh Food Factory
F5 - Fantastically Fun Fresh Food Factory
Home Garden Aquaponic system
Home Garden Aquaponic system